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Who We Are?

The Alemán-Valencia family own and operate Casa Drake Lodge. The project was conceived with the idea of preserving the forest on their large property and contributing to the sustainable development of the town of Los Planes.

Zacarías Alemán, his brother Gregorio “Goyo” Alemán and his wife Luz Marina Fajardo built Casa Drake from the ground up. Zacarías is a self-taught carpenter and has learned his trade from a lifetime of living in the forest. He has worked in the construction of many of Drake Bay’s hotels. Together they cut the wood, transported it to the building site, planed and sanded it and built their beautiful home. It took them four years to complete the construction.

The Alemán and Valencia families arrived in Drake Bay in 1967. They are originally from Nicoya, in the northwestern Guanacaste province. Their parents made the decision to move their families to Drake Bay with the hope of providing them with a better life.

They are two of the original families that pioneered the Drake Bay area. Even today it may seem that Drake Bay is a remote destination, but back then there was no road, and no airstrip. The only access to the bay was by a boat from Puntarenas and the trip took two days! There was one boat trip per month which supplied the settlement and provided transportation for the people living in the area. At the time only four families were living in the village of Los Planes and everyone produced most of the food they consumed. Rice, beans, and corn were grown locally for food and any surplus was sold in Puntarenas.

In 2010 the Alemán-Valencia family decided to turn their lovely home into a Bed and Breakfast and offer it to tourists visiting Drake Bay. Join them at Casa Drake Lodge for a unique vacation and cultural experience. Spend some time with a real Costa Rican family and partake in their knowledge of this amazing land.

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Casa Drake Lodge is located in the small and peaceful village of Los Planes, on the Osa Peninsula. Los Planes is situated on hills overlooking Drake Bay. We are about 20 minutes from Corcovado National Park's Los Planes Ranger Station and a short distance from old growth primary forest.

San Josecito Beach, one of the loveliest beaches in the area, is about 1.5 hours from Casa Drake Lodge. Marenco, located on the coast is about 1 hour's hike and Rio Claro, a spectacular fresh water river about 1 hour and 15 minutes away. You may hike on your own or arrange horse transportation to all of these destinations.